Static, Dynamic, E-commerce Website Design

A website is important for any business, it is very effective medium to communicate and reach out the masses. But since you are reading this article I don’t think I need to convince you that it is important to have a website. Instead, I intend to guide you while you make the important decision on which type of website you require. It is really quite simple and once you have your business objectives clearly laid out along with the possible options, you will feel the same way.

Static Website

static website is a very simple website that doesn’t make use of any programming language. Although it does require the use of HTML (a mark up language) and possible even a little bit of JavaScript as well. What this means is that there is almost none or extremely little server side processing required to view the website. Static websites are those in which the information to the user is sent exactly in the manner as it was stored at the time of development. Static web pages are basically HTML documents that have fixed codes and cannot be altered unless modified manually by web developer. They display same set of information to all users. Though latest technology has given prominence to dynamic websites, the era of static websites is not yet dead and gone.

Static design has maintained a relevance of its own. It successfully serves the needs of small business groups which want to make their online presence felt but do not require frequent updates in their respective websites. For them, Static design is almost a boon especially because of its cost cutting features.

Dynamic Website

Dynamic website are just the opposite in some sense. A dynamic website makes use of programming languages, which means that it involves server side processing in order to render a page.Needless to say that the processing takes up time and thus the dynamic website tend to be slower than the static ones. But don’t be mistaken in to thinking that a dynamic website is bad because it is slow.Dynamic websites too can be optimized so that they are not extremely slow against which there open many other possibilities. For example it is possible for you to quickly modify the content of just about any page on the website if you have opted for a dynamic CMS web design (website). The possibilities are endless from providing a photo gallery to an interactive quiz.

E-commerce Website

e-commerce website is also a dynamic website, but there is a difference. With an e-commerce website it is possible for you to sell your products online (over the internet) and engage in financial transactions.In fact to makes this simpler an e-commerce website has the ability to be the online version of your brick and mortar shop.We provide E-commerce based website designs. We have web hosting, domain names, web site and Email address registration services. Our affordable hosting makes us the best place to host your small business website or personal web site. Our reliable ad-supported web space services are also ideal for first-time web masters. We are your web host for everything from Web Design, Internet Marketing Tools, Domain Names, Email addresses and powerful Web Hosting Services.